Steren 203-101 A/V NTSC RF Modulator

Steren 203-101 A/V NTSC RF Modulator


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Don't let the lack of RCA or S-video inputs on your older TV hold you back. If you have a TV set that only has an antenna/F-type connector and you want to hook up a DVD player, camcorder, video game system or any kind of A/V equipment that uses RCA or S-video plugs, then this is what you need. The A/V NTSC RF Modulator from Steren lets you attach the outputs of those devices, converts the signals to a kind of signal your TV's antenna connector will understand ,and then outputs it through a antenna/F-type cable that you provide so your TV can see and hear it on either channels 3 or 4—your choice. The modulator comes with its own 120-volt AC power source. Dimensions are 1.88 in.H x 5.88 in.W x 3 in.D.

A/V NTSC RF modulator
Connects RCA & S-video inputs from DVD players, camcorders, video game system consoles or any other A/V equipment to an F-type outlet
Suitable for older TV sets without RCA or S-video inputs
RF output channels 3 or 4
Power source: 120V AC 60Hz 4.5W
Dim: 1.88"H x 5.88"W x 3"D

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