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Misc UTRD Earbud Telephone Recorder Accessory

Misc UTRD Earbud Telephone Recorder Accessory

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  • Record telephone & cell phone calls into your voice recorder
  • Use Your digital or cassette voice recorder with a 3.5mm microphone input, connect this UTRD telephone pickup device and turn it into a telephone call recorder
  • Perfect for recording and saving phone conversations to a voice recorder, PC, or laptop
  • Use it with any telephone, anywhere - it even works with cell phones
  • Super sensitive lavalier microphone picks up both sides of the conversation, making it excellent for recording interviews and phone calls
  • Easy to use telephone pickup device - simply place the soft earpiece into your ear (like a headphone earbud), connect the plug into the Microphone input of your voice recorder, start the recorder, and make or answer your call. The earpiece microphone will clearly record both sides of your phone conversation to your voice recorder
  • Impressive sound quality with clear recording
  • Record phone calls directly to your PC or laptop - and any device that has a common 3.5mm mic in jack
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