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Alc AWF21 1080p Indoor Wi-fi Camera

Alc AWF21 1080p Indoor Wi-fi Camera

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  • 1080p Full HD Quality Video - ALC’s Wi-Fi Camera produces 1920 x 1080 HD resolution for clear video streaming, playback and recording.
  • Remote Monitoring Anytime from Anywhere 24/7/365 - With the free ALC SightHD app you can See What Matters Most – Even When You’re Not There.
  • Email Alerts and Push Notifications - The free ALC SightHD app sends alerts to your smart phone or tablet when your camera has detected an “event”.
  • 25-ft Night Vision - 4 surface-mounted Infrared LEDs allows you to view a potential security risk to your family or business, even in the dark up to 25ft.
  • Two-Way Audio - Listen to what’s going on through the Wi-Fi Camera AND talk through the camera’s built in speaker using your smartphone.
  • Privacy Mode - When you are home and don’t need your camera to record or be “online”, you can press the “Privacy” button on the camera to take it offline. Just press again before you leave to bring it back online.
  • Motion Detection - The system uses motion detection software to automatically detect movement and record the “event” directly to your camera’s microSD card.
  • Motion Masking - Motion Masking allows you set areas for the camera to “ignore” motion such as the action on your TV.
  • On-Camera Recording - Capture and record video to microSD card so there is no need for expensive services to store your recordings, (microSD card not included, supports up to 128GB maximum capacity).
  • Free Google Drive and Dropbox Storage - Automatically upload recorded video from the camera to your personal Google Drive or Dropbox account. View your recorded video from your computer, tablet or smartphone using Google Drive or Dropbox Apps.
  • Infrared (cut) Filter & LEDs - During the day, an automatic IR filter moves in front of the camera lens to provide clear, accurate colors; at night the filter moves out to maximize night vision with the help of IR LEDs for black and white image contrast.
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