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Astro Pneumatic Tool 7897 Ball Joint Service Tool and Master Adapter Set

Astro Pneumatic Tool 7897 Ball Joint Service Tool and Master Adapter Set

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Ball Joint Service Tool and Master Adapter Set

 Removes and replaces ball joints
 New blow molded case includes the same number of pieces in a 40% smaller footprint allowing for easier toolbox storage
 New forged alloy C frame press has industry leading strength and can alone be used to remove and replace universal joints
 Set includes all the receiver tubes and removing/installing adapters needed to work on press-fit upper and lower ball joints on most GM, Ford, and Dodge 2 and 4 wheel drive pickups, vans and sport utility vehicles through 1997
Also included is the #2030-1 live center forcing screw plug
Comes in blow molded carrying case

Refer to Parts Breakdown for Application Chart

7897-07 - 2-1/4"(I.D.)*2-1/2"(O.D.)*3/4"(L) Adapter
7897-08 - 9/16"(I.D.)*3"(O.D.)*1-3/16"(L) Adapter
7897-09 - 1"(I.D.)*3"(O.D.)*1-3/16"(L) Adapter
7897-10 - 1-7/8"(I.D.)*2-1/8"(O.D.)*7/8"(L) Adapter
7897-11 - 7/8"(I.D.)*2-1/8"(O.D.)*1"(L) Adapter
7897-12 - 7/8"(I.D.)*1-3/8"(O.D.)*1"(L) Adapter
7897-13 - 1-1/16"(I.D.)*2-1/2"(O.D.)*2"(L) Adapter
7897-14 - 2-7/16"(I.D.)*2-3/4"(O.D.)*2-1/4"(L) Adapter
7897-15 - 2-3/4"(I.D.)*3"(O.D.)*2-1/4"(L) Adapter
7897-16 - 1"(I.D.)*2"(O.D.)*2-1/2"(L) Adapter
7897-17 - 2-1/4"(I.D.)*2-1/2"(O.D.)*2-3/4"(L) Adapter
7897-18 - 1-5/8"(I.D.)*2"(O.D.)*2-7/8"(L) Adapter
7897-19 - 1-1/16"(I.D.)*2-7/8"(O.D.)*3-7/16"(L) Adapter
7897-20 - 7/16"(I.D.)*2-1/2"(O.D.)*3-3/4"(L) Adapter
7897-21 - 1-3/4"(I.D.)*2"(O.D.)*3-3/4"(L) Adapter
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