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Astro Tool 12SL 400LM Ultra Slim Rechargeable Inspect Light Magnet & Bracket

Astro Tool 12SL 400LM Ultra Slim Rechargeable Inspect Light Magnet & Bracket

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Ultra Slim Rechargeable LED Inspection Light with Hook Assembly AND High-Energy Adhesive Magnet
High performance 12SL (v2) now outputs 400 lumens from 12 XL SMD LED's while maintaining the same ½" thick nearly indestructible design
Version 2 12SL now also includes powerful neodymium magnet with adjustable position bracket - or thread magnet direction into light's brass threaded location
VLight switch now found on the back of light for convenience: half power, full power, hold to shut off
The 3.7v 2400mAH Li-Polymer rechargeable battery has a 1000x life cycle, and comes with an integrated PCM to prevent over charging
The charger comes with an input for over current protection, input reversal protection, over charge protection, and temperature control protection
Discharge Time: 3 hours at full brightness and 6 hours at half brightness

Charger provides several important safety protections:
- Input Over Current Protection
- Input Reverse Protection
- Charging Overtime Protection
- Charging Temperature Control Protection
Charge time 3 hours.
2 different brightness settings.
Unit has switch which allows for two different brightness settings.
Discharge time:
4 hours at full brightness
8 hours at half brightness
12V UL approved adaptor.
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