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Axxess AXSWC Steering Wheel Control Adapter

Axxess AXSWC Steering Wheel Control Adapter

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<P>Axxess Aswc-1 Steering Wheel Control Adapter</P><P>One Interface Does It All. No Additional Interface Needed.<Br/>Pioneer Kenwood Eclipse No Problem The Aswc-1 Works With Them All Plus Many More Radio Manufacturers.<Br/>Auto Detects The Majority Of Vehicles On The Market Today And Programs The Steering Wheel Controls Automatically.<Br/>Auto Detects What Radio The Axswc Is Connected To.<Br/>Updateable Via A Common Micro B Usb Cable To Ensure You Have The Most Up To Date Inventory.<Br/>Non Volatile Memory Retains The Steering Wheel Control Settings Even If The Battery Is Disconnected Or The Aswc-1 Is Removed From The Vehicle.<Br/>The Axswc Can Be Manually Programmed To Most Vehicles On The Market.</P>
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