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Bogen UTI312 Multi Zone Page Controller

Bogen UTI312 Multi Zone Page Controller

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  • Bogen multi-zone paging controller
  • 3 to 12 Zone
  • Provides multi-zone paging for one-way applications such as self-amplified speaker systems, with each output capable of providing audio for up to 150 self-amplified speakers
  • Compatible with all standard analog port types
  • Comes with a pre-installed ZX3 module for three zones of paging and is expandable up to 12 zones
  • Offers up to 24 programmable paging zone groups as well as all-call, auto select, override, night ring, two tone triggers, and code calling zone groups
  • Offers flexible dialing
  • Telephone interfaces: loop start trunk, ground start trunk, station access (analog ring-up), page port contact closure activation, page port voice activation
  • Simple 2-switch interface setup
  • Programmable activation of AUX contacts
  • C-form contact per zone
  • 24V DC,1A internal power supply
  • Provides audio drive for up to 150 one-way self-amplified speakers per zone
  • Adjustable output limiter with threshold control and active indicator
  • Two background music busses, selectable per zone
  • Two high-impedance transformer isolated background music inputs
  • Stereo combining inputs for background music busses
  • All-Call paging zone group
  • Auto Select paging zone group
  • Override paging (using loop start trunk or page port contact closure activation) with zone group
  • Night Ringer (90V and contact closure activation) with zone group
  • Two Tone Triggers (tone and duration selectable, closure activated) with individual zone groups
  • Select tone burst, chime, double chime, or slow whoop
  • Code Calling with zone group
  • 2 to 5 Digit dialing with flexible dialing plan for zone and zone group numbers
  • Non-volatile memory for setup data (no backup battery required)
  • Pre-Announce Tone
  • Confirmation Tone
  • Setup Tone to assist in volume setting
  • Pluggable terminal strips
  • Microcontroller-based operation
  • DTMF programming
  • DTMF Block to help suppress DTMF tones over paging system
  • Programmable timers control page duration (station and trunk)
  • Wall- or Rack-mountable
  • 2 Year manufacturer's warranty
  • (+20) Bogen power units
  • Accessory modules BG-ZX3 sold separately
  • BGUTI312
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