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Bogen V250 250 Watt Power Vector Mod Amp

Bogen V250 250 Watt Power Vector Mod Amp

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  • 250Watts with a large power reserve
  • Capable of handling 70V, 25V, 8-ohm, and 4-ohm speaker loads
  • 8 module bays
  • Wide selection of advanced plug-in modules
  • 2 module bays capable of handling signal processing plug-in output modules
  • 4 levels of priority between modules
  • 11-segment LED output level meter monitors the output level of the power amplifier, with Peak and Average meter switch
  • Motorized master volume control that can be remotely operated
  • Bass and treble controls
  • Two-color LED for each channel indicates input active/clipping
  • Lockable switch permits user to select either transformer-coupled outputs or a direct lowimpedance output
  • Master mute function overrides all audio from the mixer section of the amplifier
  • Bass and treble control bypass switch
  • 125 Hz Lo-cut feature
  • Signal processing insert jacks allow external equipment to be inserted between the preamp output and the power amp input
  • Pre-EQ unbalanced buffer output signal “post” all unit controls, but “pre” any external signal processing equipment connected
  • Grounded convenience receptacle
  • Available security cover with break-away tabs
  • 2 rack spaces high (3-1/2")
  • UL/cUL listed
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