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Boss Buck BB243 Food Pad Deluxe (Sold Individually)

Boss Buck BB243 Food Pad Deluxe (Sold Individually)

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Boss Buck Food Pad Deluxe (Sold Individually)

The Non-Typical Foot Design Is Completely Unique
The Feet Are Designed To Accept A T-Post Through The Center Of The Foot
The Feet Are Large 7 Square Steel Plates
Each Foot Has A Large Nut Welded To It And A Bolt That When Tightened Secures The Feeder To The T-Post. This Will Not Only Protect The Feeder But Keep It Level And Immobile
Feet Will Receive Any Pipe Or Tubing With An I.D. Of 1.25 Or Larger
The Square Tubing On The Deluxe Feet Is 7/8 Square Tubing.

Keeps Hogs And Cattle From Knocking Over Feeders And Spreading The Legs.

All Feet Are Sold Individually.

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