Bright Way 5213 Group 12Volt Desulfating Smart Charger/Maintainer w/Lithium Mode


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Bright Way Group 12 Volt Desulfating Smart Charger/Maintainer With Lithium Mode

Ring Terminals With Easy Quick Connect
Durable Red And Black Coated Battery Clamps With Easy Quick Connect
Polarity Protection
Auto Maintaining Mode
6Ft Ac Power Cord
6Ft Cord On Dc Side
17In Ring Terminal Quick Connect
18In Battery Clamps Quick Connect Cord
14Ft Total Reach From Ac Outlet
Lithium (Lifepo4) Charge Mode

For Charging 12 Volt Lead Batteries Of The Following Types Of Applications:
Sli, Sla, Vrla, Agm, Gel, Auto, Marine, Rv, Power Sport

Size Batteries Charged:
12 Volt To 4.5 Amp Hour Up To 50 Amp Hour

The Bigger The Battery The Longer It Will Take To Charge.
Maintains Batteries Once They Are Fully Charged
Reconditions Batteries That May Have Sulfate Build Up, But Not Shorted Cells

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