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Clarity WAKE Wake Assure Alarm Clock 85dB - Black

Clarity WAKE Wake Assure Alarm Clock 85dB - Black

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Clarity wake assure alarm clock Designed for anybody who has a difficult time waking up when the alarm rings (extra-heavy sleepers, the Deaf, those with mild to severe hearing loss) Super bright 1.8" clock display Loud buzzer has adjustable volume and tone control to suit your hearing and preference Strong bedshaker wakens even the deepest of sleepers (included) Flashes a connected lamp to awaken you Security timer allows you to pre-set the connected lamp to turn on at random times while you're away for added security Auto snooze feature to suit your lifestyle Visual alarm flasher Snooze button also allows you to turn the connected lamp on or off Backup battery will keep the time in case of power outage (9V battery not included) Large control buttons conveniently located for easy access Audio alarm is 85+dB Black CLARITYWAKE
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