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Crimestopper HSK-150 Deluxe Heated Seat Kit

Crimestopper HSK-150 Deluxe Heated Seat Kit

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Say goodbye to cold morning and nighttime driving! With the HSK-150 Deluxe Heated Seat Kit from CrimeStopper, you can make your drive a very comfortable and relaxing experience. This seat heater will provide comforting warmth through the seat's cushion and backing way before your vehicle's heater can heat up the interior. Seat heaters are a comfort and convenience feature that most of today's drivers expect to have in any new vehicle. Now everyone can enjoy this luxury in almost any car, truck, SUV or van. Installed correctly into your seat, the heating pads are invisible and will radiate warmth and comfort throughout the bottom and back cushions, enhancing your driving experience for many years to come.
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