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CTEK 56959 MUS 4.3 Tester & Charger - 12V

CTEK 56959 MUS 4.3 Tester & Charger - 12V

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MUS 4.3 TEST&CHARGE 12 Volt Fully Automatic Charger and Tester 
Fully automatic 8 step patented program tests battery condition and revives, charges and maintains to ensure maximum battery life and performance
Three simple to perform test programs to establish condition and performance of battery and vehicle charging system
Very simple plug and play operation, just select the program along with mode and let the charger do the rest
Unique patented system to recover, charge and maintain all lead-acid battery types to maximize performance and extend battery life
Safe for vehicle electrical systems through exceptionally clean voltage and current delivery with no surges, spikes or sparks

CTEK MUS 4.3 Charger Specifications

Input Voltage: 110-115 VAC
Charging Voltage: 14.4V, 14.7V, 15.8V
Charging Current: 0.8/4.3 Amps
Battery Capacity: 1.2-110 Ah; up to 160 Ah for maintenance
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