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Deflecto EZDOCK Dryer Easy Dock

Deflecto EZDOCK Dryer Easy Dock

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The Deflecto Dryer Vent Easy Dock lets you quickly disconnect a semi-rigid or flexible aluminum dryer duct from the wall, making it easy to clean lint out of your dryer exhaust vent. One half of the 2-piece connector is a “dock” which is installed at the dryer vent opening in the wall. The male end of the connector can be attached to the duct at the back of the dryer using 4 in. diameter clamps (not included). Connecting the duct to the wall is as easy as inserting the male end into the dock and snapping the 2 pieces together. The Easy Dock can also be used to connect 2 pieces of duct for venting applications that require longer runs. Use this with Deflecto’s Appliance brush and Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit (sold separately) to clear lint buildup regularly and reduce the risk of a dryer fire.
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