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DEFLECTO LTF Supurr-Flex® Lint Trap Kit

DEFLECTO LTF Supurr-Flex® Lint Trap Kit

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When outdoor dryer venting is not possible, the Deflecto Supurr-Flex Lint Trap Kit is the ideal indoor solution. The kit fits any dryer and traps dust while venting air through louvers. The kit includes 2 clamps, trap and metallic Supurr-Flex duct. This should be used with electric dryers only. In small rooms, open doors for adequate distribution of heat and moisture. Some building codes may restrict the use of this product so always check the local codes in your area. To use, fill the triap with water to the 1 in. line and replace the lid. Because the unit traps excessive moisture from dryer air, check water level and remove lint on a regular basis.
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