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DEI 050411 Insulation Sound Absorber D-Mat 60in X 70in

DEI 050411 Insulation Sound Absorber D-Mat 60in X 70in

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60" x 70 " D-Mat Insulation
Comfortable interior at any temperature
Quick & easy installation
Economical insulating solution
Light weight for high performance applications

Advanced Thermal-Acoustic insulation designed for under head liners, doors, package trays and other areas. 
Extremely light weight and pliable D-Mat is the perfect choice for these areas. 
At only 12MM thick and compressible it can be used under head liners providing thermal protection keeping your interior cool. 
Made from a polymer blend with a scrim backing D-Mat can be used in applications up to 325 F while showing up to an 65% reduction in heat. 
D-Mat has exceptional acoustic absorption, meets flammability rating and is mildew and bacteria resistant.

(Not recommended for floor use. Use UC Lite for floors)
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