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Excalibur AL1070PS 600 Ft 1 Way Powersports Security System 2 Remotes Shock/Tilt

Excalibur AL1070PS 600 Ft 1 Way Powersports Security System 2 Remotes Shock/Tilt

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Excalibur 600 Foot 1-Way Powersports Security System

2 Water-Resistant Remotes
600 Foot Range
Onboard Shock & Tilt
1-Way 2 Button Remote & 1-Button Remote
Onboard Tilt And Shock Sensor
Adjust Tilt/Shock Sensor Sensitivity
1 Aux Trigger Input
1 Aux Output
Mini Water-Resistant Siren
Close Loop Trigger Circuit For Protecting Helmet, Cargo, Etc..
Human Panic Horn Honk Alert
Programmable Auto-Arming/Rearming
Anti-Vehicle Jacking
System Status Led
Secure Code Override
Passive Security Functions
Emergency Override

Waterproof Alarm System, Rated At Ip66 With Vibration And Shock Resistant Construction.
Closed Wire Loop Trigger To Protect Accessories Such As Helmets, Coolers, And Sound Equipment
Two 2-Button Water Resistant Remotes With 600 Foot Range (Not Intended For Submersion In Water).
Vehicle Horn Honk Control With Adjustable Output For Low, Medium, High Volume Or Human Panic Modes
Onboard Tilt/Shock Sensor With Fully Programmable Sensitivity Can Enable/Disable Shock For Tilt-Only Mode.
Water Resistant Siren Included Siren/Horn Output Compatible With Linkr-Lt Alarm Notification Input.\\
One Auxiliary Output For Activating Remote Start, Turning On Led Lights, And More
Dedicated Trigger Input Wire As Well For Adding External Switches/Sensors To Storage Compartments, Coolers, Etc.
Anti-Hijacking Technology, Passive Starter Interrupt That Engages Automatically After The Ignition Is Turned Off Whether Or Not The Alarm Is Armed.

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