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Frankford 965887 Arsenal Cartridge Overall Length Gauge

Frankford 965887 Arsenal Cartridge Overall Length Gauge

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If You Have A Cleaning Rod And A Set Of Calipers, You Can Now Determine The Optimum Oal For Any Bullet In Less Than Two Minutes.
Kit Consists Of Two Clamps That Easily Attach To Any Cleaning Rod, 1/4 In Diameter, Or Less.
Install The Appropriate Size Tip On The End Of Your Cleaning Rod, Insert The Cleaning Rod To The Bolt Face, Install One Clamp, Remove The Bolt And Drop In A Bullet (Projectile Only) Into The Chamber. Hold The Bullet Against The Rifling With A Pencil, Touch The Bullet Tip With The Cleaning Rod Tip And Install The Other Clamp. Now Measure The Inside Distance Between The Two Clamps With A Calipers And Record, Or Use As A Gauge To Check The Seating Depth Set-Up During Your Reloading Sequence.

Works On All Rifles.

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