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GE 14210 350-Lumen Enbrighten® Lantern

GE 14210 350-Lumen Enbrighten® Lantern

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Discover the future of lighting with the GE Enbrighten Lantern. Enbrighten utilizes patented revolutionary LED technology delivering consistent color temperature and unprecedented energy efficiency—with a light source you never have to replace. The Enbrighten Lantern provides an omnidirectional battery-operated solution that emits an ultrabright, ultrawhite 350-lumen light with 360° coverage. The light will not degrade or turn blue over time. Plus Series Battery Technology provides power up to 180 hours on the lantern's low setting and 45 hours on the high setting using 4 "D" batteries. Customize your light output and energy usage with the 3-level dimming feature–low, medium and high settings. Easily hang the lantern anywhere with the locking carabiner handle. The durable, weather-resistant exterior is ideal for camping, emergencies, patios and backyards. Experience endless possibilities with Enbrighten—lighting for life.
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