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Gemini UHF-04HL-S1234 4-Channel Headset/Lavalier Wireless Mic System

Gemini UHF-04HL-S1234 4-Channel Headset/Lavalier Wireless Mic System

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The Gemini UHF-04HL 4-Channel Headset/Lavalier Wireless Microphone System is a 4-channel wireless system with a combination headset and lavalier transmitter that's ideal for presenters and active entertainers who need hands-free performance. The UHF-04HL offers high-quality voice reproduction with incredible clarity and reliability, at a surprisingly low price point. The lower range of the bandwidth starts at 500 MHz and the upper bandwidth stretches up to 950 MHz, offering you multiple frequencies to choose from. The ultra-fast microcomputer controlled PLL oscillation and advanced compression circuits reject unwanted noise, and the 1-click solution for automatic transmitter via the SYNC button offers crystal-clear reception. Channel-independent volume controls makes level adjustments easy, and you can easily connect external devise via the 1/4 in. output jack. The rugged UHF receiver has a 150 ft. dynamic operating range, making it ideal for bars, clubs, auditoriums and places of worship.
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