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iSimple IS77 TranzIt FM Modulator Kit for iPod

iSimple IS77 TranzIt FM Modulator Kit for iPod

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The TranzIt FM Modular Kit for iPod from iSimple is designed to provide the connecting link between your audio source and your FM radio. Using the supplied accessories, you can connect virtually any audio source into any FM-equipped radio. This interface has a universal input that can be configured to accept an audio signal from any source with an RCA connection or a standard 3.5 mm (headphone) output. It will route the audio from your device through your factory or aftermarket radio without a built-in aux input. If your audio source is an iPod featuring a docking connector, this interface will also charge the iPod’s battery, when connected.

  • Compatible with all iPod® models
  • Transmits stereo audio to FM radio from iPod®, MP3 or other audio source while charging device
  • Video output from video-capable iPod® models
  • Wired FM transmitter with stereo RCA input
  • Kit includes:
  • Radio input interface
  • 4ft 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable
  • 3,5mm to audio input adapter
  • Power cable with on/off switch
  • A/V cable with 6ft audio input adapter for iPad®/iPhone®/iPod®
  • 6ft factory-look 3.5mm dash-panel-mount audio input cable
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