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K9CLASSICEDP2 Car Alarm K9 (2) 4-Button Rem.Shock Sensor;Data Port

K9CLASSICEDP2 Car Alarm K9 (2) 4-Button Rem.Shock Sensor;Data Port

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(2) 4-Button 433Mhz Code-Jumping Transmitters
Psyren(Tm) Multi-Tone Electronic Siren With Programmable Confirmation Chirps
Status Led, Valet Switch, Programming Data Port In Easy-To-Mount Holder
Flashing Parking Lights
Secure Code/Code Jumping
New Smart Trigger Automatic Door Trigger Detection Circuit
Plug-In Port For Optional Auxiliary Sensor
Negative &Amp; Positive Door Trigger Inputs
Magnetic Dual Zone Impact Sensor
Compatible With Omega's Echo-2 Two Way Pager Upgrade
Negative Hood/Trunk Trigger Input
Starter Interrupt Output For Optional Relay And Socket
Negative Trunk Release Output
Negative 3Rd Channel Output
Backup Battery Port For Optional 9-Volt Battery Circuit
Enhanced Remote Panic Feature
Patented Atv Transmitter-Tampering Protection
Patented Unauthorized Transmitter Alert
Safety Disarm Operation
Easier-To-Use Silent Arming / Disarming Operation
Dome Light Supervision Relay Built-In
Dual Negative Unlock Outputs For Optional DriverS Door Priority Unlocking
(24) Programmable Features
Ignition-Activated Anti-Carjacking
Door Activated Anti-Carjacking
Last Door Arming
Doors Lock With Last Door Arming
Current Sensing
Doors Lock Upon Ignition On
First Door Unlock Upon Ignition Off
Second Door Unlock Upon Ignition Off
Open Door Bypass Of Ignition Lock / Unlock Operations
Parking And Dome Lights Illuminate 5 Or 30 Seconds Upon Disarming
Automatic Rearming
Trunk Release Also Disarms System
Remote Sensor Bypass
.8 Or 3 Second Doorlock Output
Single Or Double Pulse Unlock Output
3 Or 45 Second Arming Delay
Confirmation Chirps On Or Off
30 Or 60 Second Triggered Alarm Duration
Steady Output For Siren Or Pulsed Output For Horn
Loud Or Quiet Confirmation Chirps For Horn Setting
Total Closure Door Lock Output
Transmitter-Activated Anti-Carjacking
Data Port For Omegalink &Amp; Intellikit Modules
One Button Or Two Button Arming / Disarming
Siren Is An Au75Mp

Transmitter Batter7Y: Cr2016

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