K9ECLIPSE2 Car Alarm K9 With (2)2-Way Lcd Remotes (Replacement Remote-65101)


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Hands Free Rfid Disarms Alarm When Remote Approaches Vehicle

Locks Doors + Arms Alarm When You Walk Away
Unlocks Doors + Disarms Alarm When You Approach The Car
Remote Can Be In Your Pocket/Purse No Hands Required!
Great For Bad Weather, When You Have Your Hands Busy With Groceries, Kids, Etc.

2-Way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System
(2) 5-Button 2-Way Lcd Display Remotes 1500 Feet Controllers
Atv Automatic Transmitter Verification
Operate Up To 3 Vehicles
Lcd Display Shows Car, Truck, Or Suv
Hands-Free Disarm &Amp; Unlock
Code Jumping &Amp; High Frequency Remotes For Maximum Range
Immobilizer Mode
Sounds Siren &Amp; Car Horn Together
Dome-Light Illumination
Secure Pin-Code Override
2 Programmable Auxiliary Channels
Silent Arm/Disarm
2-Stage Disarm
Built-In Flashing Parking Lights
Panic Mode
Door Activated Anti-Carjack
Ignition Activated Anti-Carjack
Transmitter Activated Anti-Carjack
Hands-Free Anti-Carjack Activation
Easy Valet
Starter Kill Relay &Amp; Socket
Shock Sensor With Pre-Warning
Flashing Light Outputs
Keyless Entry
6-Tone Siren
22 Programmable Features
Remote Sensor Bypass

Transmitter Battery: Aaa X 1

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