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Klymit 06SJGR01A Static V Short Sleeping Pad - Forest Green

Klymit 06SJGR01A Static V Short Sleeping Pad - Forest Green

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Weight: 13.5 Oz
Dimensions: 50.4″ X 23″ X 2.5″
R-value: 1.3
Inflation: 6-12 Breaths
Pack Size: 3″ X 8″
Fabric: 75d Polyester

The Static V Junior is Virtually Identical to the Original Static V – Including V-chambers and Dynamic Side Rails for Greater Comfort – but It Measures Almost Two Feet Shorter for Those Who Don’t Need the Extra Length. This Pad is Especially Popular Among Ultralite Campers and Scouts.

Body Mapping Technology: Our Patented V-shaped Design Delivers Support and Comfort No Matter How You Sleep – on Your Side, Stomach or Back.
Side Rails: Integrated Into the Patterning and Construction, They Provide a Secure, Comfortable Sleep by Centering You on the Pad and Inhibiting Air Movement While Tossing and Turning.
Deep Weld Patterning: Unlike Traditional Pads That Flatten the Bag’s Fill, Deep Welds Create Expansion Zones That Allow Your Bag to Fully Loft Beneath You for Improved Thermal Comfort.
Anti Microbial Laminate: Permeates the Inside Laminate to Inhibit the Growth of Microorganisms, Including Fungus and Bacteria, That Can Cause Odors and Material Damage.
Flush Flat Valves: Secure and Comfortable, Our Flat Inflation and Deflation Valve Allows for Easy Inflation and Opens Wide for Rapid, Complete Deflation.
Patch Kit Included for Emergency Repairs
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