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Lambro 211LC Plastic Lint Trap Kit

Lambro 211LC Plastic Lint Trap Kit

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Can't vent your electric dryer to the outdoors? The Lambro 211LC Plastic Lint Trap kit is your solution. This indoor lint trap kit includes a 4 in. in diameter non-tipping lint trap, a 4 in. diameter by 5 ft. flexible duct and 2 tension clamps. To install, slip the duct on the lint trap bucket cover and secure with 1 of the provided tension clamps about 1/4 in. from the end. Place the opposite end of the duct on the dryer outlet and secure with the other provided tension clamp. Fill the lint trap bucket with 1 in. of water and lock the bucket cover on the bucket. Attach the mounting bracket on the wall and slip the lint trap hanger onto the bracket's channel. Inspect frequently, making sure to keep the water level between 1/2 in. to 2-1/2 in from bottom of the bucket. Refill bucket as appropriate. This lint trap kit should not be used with gas dryers.
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