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LaserLyte LT40 laser trainer cartridge: 40 S&W

LaserLyte LT40 laser trainer cartridge: 40 S&W

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Laserlyte Laser Trainer Cartridge

Fits Pistols Chambered In 40 S&Amp;W
Snug Fit With Rubber O-Rings

Built-In Snap-Cap Firing Pin Activated
Flashed Laser Dot On Activation
Bright Laser Dot Can Be Seen Over 100 Yards Away At Night
Power Output: 630 670Nm, ≪5Mw, Class: Iiia Red Laser
Allows You To Train Indoors Or Outdoors
Safe, No Ammo Needed Design Save On Expensive Ammo
Approximately 3000 Training Shots With Included Batteries
Drop A Laser Trainer Cartridge Into The Chamber For An Exciting Real-Life Training Experience Without The Added Cost Of Ammo!

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