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Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary CaseTumbler 115V

Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary CaseTumbler 115V

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The Rotary Tumbling Action Combined With The Stainless Steel Media And Liquid Cleaning Solution Gets Brass Cleaner On The Outside Than Vibratory Tumbling Methods.
The Small Stainless Pins Easily Slip Inside Cases And Into Primer Pockets To Provide Superior Cleaning Action In These Areas.
Large Capacity Drum Holds Up To 1000 Pieces Of .223 Brass And Features A Rubber Lining To Protect Brass And Greatly Reduce Noise During Operation.
Built In Timer In The Base Can Be Set To Run From 0 To 3 Hours, Shutting Off Automatically.
The Drum Features A Large End Cap To Allow Easy Loading And Unloading.
Tumbler Comes With A Pair Of Unique Sifter Pans Which Makes Separating Pins From The Cases A Breeze! Simply Empty The Tumbler Into The Stacked Pans. The First Pan Catches The Brass, While The Second Fine Screen Pan Catches The Pins.
Five Pounds Of Stainless Media Pins And A Sample Packet Of Brass Cleaning Solution Are Also Included.

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