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Muddy MUDMSA500 30 Braided Nylon Safe-Line (1-pack)

Muddy MUDMSA500 30 Braided Nylon Safe-Line (1-pack)

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Muddy 30 Braided Nylon Safe-Line (1-Pack)

A Unique System That Allows The User To Stay Attached To The Tree At All Times!
Two Prusik Knots; Slides Easily Up And Down The Rope During Ascent And Decent And Stops You Immediately Should A Fall Occur
Prusik Knots Made Of Reflective Material That Enhance Daytime And Low-Light Visibility
Construction: Braided Nylon
Use: Stay Safe From The Moment You Leave The Ground To The Time You Return!
Length: 30
Weight Rating: 300 Lbs.

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