Omega K9170LA K9 Security System


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Two 4-Button Remotes: One Is Black W/Chrome Trim And The Other Is White W/Chrome Trim

Software Features:
Silent Arm/Disarm
2-Stage Disarm
Atv (Automatic Transmitter Verification)
Immobilizer Mode
15 Programmable Features
Easy Valet
3 Mode Anti-Carjack: Door Activated, Ignition Activated &Amp; Transmitter Activated

Hardware Features:
100% Copper Wire Harness
2 Remote Transmitters
Independent Siren And Horn Output
Dome Light Illumination
3 Auxiliary Channel Outputs
Starter Kill Relay And Socket
External Shock Sensor With Pre-Warning
Flashing Light Outputs (Selectable Polarity)
Keyless Entry Outputs
Multi-Tone Siren

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