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P3 INTERNATIONAL P7920 Chem Free H2O Conditioner

P3 INTERNATIONAL P7920 Chem Free H2O Conditioner

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Limescale—caused by dissolved salts of calcium and magnesium—can become a serious problem in homes. As it builds up over the years, it slowly blocks pipes, reducing the flow and efficiency of the whole system—thus increasing energy costs and eventually causing pipes and appliances to fail. The Chemical-Free Water Conditioner from P3 International helps reduce limescale buildup with its unique patented construction. This water conditioner concentrates the power of no less than 10 high-Gauss ferrite magnets. Water containing these dissolved salts flowing through this super field of high magnetic energy becomes electrically charged, polarizing the salt molecules, preventing them from depositing inside your pipes—all without altering the taste or health benefits of your water.
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