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PAC ISBC01 bluetooth remote control with steering wheel and dash mount

PAC ISBC01 bluetooth remote control with steering wheel and dash mount

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No Bluetooth? No problem! Control your smartphone's music from your steering wheel wirelessly! The iSimple ISBC01 BluClik is a steering wheel control Bluetooth adapter that mounts to your steering wheel in seconds. It's compatible with all smartphones and works with any vehicle. Now you can keep your eyes on the road and not on the phone! Enjoy flipping through your phone's music, using your steering wheel and not touching your phone. BluClik controls both audio and volume. There's even a center "virtual assistant" button that allows you to activate Siri or Google Now digital assistants, depending on your phone's operating system. And since the controller is magnetic, you can even remove it from its mount and use it as a selfie remote!

  • Adds Bluetooth® media playback steering wheel controls to any vehicle in under 1 min
  • Compatible with Android™ & Apple® devices with Bluetooth®
  • Center button activates phone’s virtual assistant for quick access to phone functions
  • Controls device wirelessly for playback & voice recognition (VR) functions
  • Controls play, pause, next track, previous track
  • Up to 2-month battery life on a single charge
  • Interchangeable trim rings for customization of remote
  • Mounts include magnet locking system for smooth insertion & removal of remote from the mounts while securely holding it
  • Includes steering wheel mount & dashboard mount
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