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PAC TR12 Programmable Trigger Module 4 Individual Triggers

PAC TR12 Programmable Trigger Module 4 Individual Triggers

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Universal Trigger Module with PC Compatibility
Smart trigger module that offers a total of four channels and can be programmed individually to provide positive or negative outputs.
The type of output for each channel can be defined such as pulsed, latched, timed, ground, and positive.
12 Volt with up to three amps of current. T
he unit is programmable using a PC to control the outputs with accuracy.

Product Features

8 Input Channels
4 positive and 4 selectable positive/negative
4 Programmable Output Channels
Latched / Unlatched
Delay (Timed)
12V output (up to 3 Amp each)
Customized PC programming capablities:
Low Voltage Trigger with Adjustable Trigger Voltage
Turn-on / Turn-off delay
Latching / Pulsed Outputs
Door Lock Pulse Generator
Channel Expander
1 or 2 Linear Actuators
Pre-configured presets for most popular uses
Alpine, Clarion, and Pioneer radios
Ability to save and load user defined configurations
LED confirmation indicators
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