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Pyle PSMRS11 Acoustic Isolation Microphone Absorber Shield

Pyle PSMRS11 Acoustic Isolation Microphone Absorber Shield

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Microphone not included
Isolates Your Microphone Recording from Unwanted Outside Audio Interference
Reduces Excessive Room Ambiance and Off Axis Sound During Vocal Recording.
Isolates Directional Microphones from Off Axis Coloration.
Limits External Bleed from Unintended Sound Sources.
Provides Vocal Booth Style Recordings with Minimal Footprint.
Heavy-Duty Shell Panels
Affordable and Professional - Perfect for Any Level of Recording Studio
Portable and Rugged, Great for ''On the Go'' Usage
2 inch Thick High Density Acoustic Foam for the Best Noise Reflection Reduction
Hardware Included Arrives Ready to Mount to Your Microphone Stand
Tri-Pod Foot Design for Stability on Flat Surfaces
3/8 Die-Cast Metal Threads Mic Stand with 5/8 Adapter
Number of Panels: 5 pcs.
Dimensions Each Panel: 6.3'' x 12.6'' inch
Dimensions Assembled Unit: 17.5'' x 16.1'' x 7'' inch
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