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Pyle PVKT130 Travel Voltage Converter Transformer Kit

Pyle PVKT130 Travel Voltage Converter Transformer Kit

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Traveling overseas? Make sure your phone charger and other small electronic devices get the power they need. The PVKT130 Includes dual-watt converter with six separate adapter plugs. Includes low and high Watt setting switch too change between a wide variety of electronics and appliances. Important: For small appliances and chargers only. Always check your appliance's wattage requirement and your destination's voltage standard to ensure compatibility and not to over exceed power regulations. Caution: Not for use with computers, stereos, TVs, DVD players and other high-powered electronics.

Allows use of 110V–120V appliances in 220V–240V outlets
Adapters compatible in over 150 countries worldwide
Color-coded map shows which adapter works in each location
Travel case
Includes 1W converter & 6 adapter plugs

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