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Steren 203-661 Inclinometer/Compass Satellite Angle Finder

Steren 203-661 Inclinometer/Compass Satellite Angle Finder

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Avoid losing your satellite signal and ensure that you are placing your satellite dish for maximum clarity with the Steren Inclinometer/Compass Satellite Angle Finder. This efficient and useful tool allows you to measure elevation and azimuth so you know the best possible place to install your satellite dish and ensure that obstructions do not mar your signal. Adjustable eyepieces make this tool comfortable to use and allows you to be as precise as possible when taking measurements. A handy protective carrying case makes this tool easy to use and transport.

Gauges elevation & azimuth reading in locations where obstructions limit where a satellite dish can be placed
Clinometer in degrees & percentages
Compass with a reverse scale for azimuth readings
Adjustable eyepieces for both
Protective carrying case
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