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Surge SI4 4 Gauge 1600 Watt Amp Installation Kit

Surge SI4 4 Gauge 1600 Watt Amp Installation Kit

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This Surge Installer Series Amp Installation Kit (4 Gauge, 1,600 Watts) comes completely finished with everything needed to correctly install a car audio amp. Blocks, fuses, cable, wire, terminals and hardware are all included to ensure that every installation will perform the way it was designed to.

Surge cables are formed from oxygen-free copper and are covered with tough ultraflexible jackets. From design, engineering and construction, Surge Amplifier installation kits are built not only to look good but to maximize the performance of any amp.

•Clear blue flexible PVC 18ft power cable

•Clear black flexible PVC 3ft ground cable

•Platinum-plated 80A ANL fuse holder

•Clear blue 18ft remote wire

•Platinum-plated RCA plugs

•Clear blue 18ft RCA cable

•18ft speaker cable

•4 gauge


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