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Truglo TG2560MBC DETONATOR Bow Release, Camo

Truglo TG2560MBC DETONATOR Bow Release, Camo

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Truglo Detonator Bow Release, Camo

Closure Type: Boa Dial Based Performance Fit System
Connection Type: SideLock
Construction: Stainless Steel Jaws And Firing Mechanism
Jaw Design: Breakthrough Stainless Steel Dual-Jaw Design
Trigger Design: Ultra-Smooth And Crisp With Micro-Adjustable Sensitivity/Travel

Quiet, Fast, And Accurate
Streamlined Open-Hook Single-Jaw Design For Fast And Easy Loading Perfect For String D-Loops
Hook Opens Away From Shooter
Ultra-Smooth, Micro-Adjustable Trigger Pull With A Crisp Feel
Precision Stainless Steel Wear-Free Jaw
Stainless Steel Firing Mechanism For Increased Durability And Repeatability
Forward Trigger Position Enables Faster Arrow Speeds
Ergonomic Hand And Finger Position
360-Degree Rotating Head Eliminates String Torque
Premium Release Strap For Long-Lasting Comfort

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