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Ultralast BATT-904 BATT-904 Rechargeable Replacement Battery

Ultralast BATT-904 BATT-904 Rechargeable Replacement Battery

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• 2.4V ;• NiCd ;• Long-lasting;• 600mAh ;• Rechargeable ;• Comparable to Lenmar(R) CBC904;• Compatible with Panasonic(R) KX-TG2000B, Panasonic(R) KX-TG4000B, Panasonic(R) KX-TGA200, Uniden(R) DECT1588, Uniden(R) DECT1588-5, Uniden(R) EXP4540, Uniden(R) DECT1560-2, Uniden(R) EXP370, Uniden(R) EXP370A, Uniden(R) EXP370CS, Uniden(R) EXP371, Uniden(R) EXP371A, Uniden(R) EXP970, Uniden(R) EXP971, Memorex(R) KXTG4000B, Memorex(R) KXTGA200, Memorex(R) MPH-6925, Panasonic(R) KX-TGA400, Radio Shack(R) 43-3533, Radio Shack(R) 43-3534, Radio Shack(R) 43-3541, Radio Shack(R) 43-3542, Radio Shack(R) 43-3543, Radio Shack(R) ET-3533, Radio Shack(R) ET-3534, Radio Shack(R) ET-3541, Radio Shack(R) ET-3542, Radio Shack(R) ET-3543, Uniden(R) DECT 1588-3T, Uniden(R) CEZAI2998, Uniden(R) DCX150, Uniden(R) DECT 1363, Uniden(R) DECT 1480, Uniden(R) DECT 1500, Uniden(R) DECT 1560, Uniden(R) DECT 1580-2, Uniden(R) EXP3710, Uniden(R) EXP380, Uniden(R) EXP4541, Uniden(R) EZAI2997, Uniden(R) EZI2996, Empire(TM) CPB-471B, Empire(TM) CPB-479B, GP GP60AAS2BMX, Panasonic(R) HHR-P506/A, Radio Shack(R) 23-960, Uniden(R) BT-1007, Uniden(R) BBTY0700001, Uniden(R) BT-1015, Uniden(R) BT-904, BYD(R) S-DAA650B02, Interstate(R) ATEL0335, NABC 721050000, NABC STB0335, Panasonic(R) HHR-15F2G1, Panasonic(R) PQHHR150AA21, Panasonic(R) PQP506SVC, Panasonic(R) #17, Radio Shack(R) 23-9096, Sony(R) BP904, Southwestern Bell BBTY0624001, Southwestern Bell BP904, Southwestern Bell BT1007, Uniden(R) 52780708, Uniden(R) BBTY0460001, Uniden(R) BBTY0510001, Uniden(R) BBTY0624001 & Uniden(R) BP904;
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