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Valcom V-VRCPA Ringcentral Paging Adaptor

Valcom V-VRCPA Ringcentral Paging Adaptor

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  • Use with RingCentral cloud phone system
  • Use with Valcom multi-zone page control unit with FXS or analog station ports (DTMF signaling only)
  • Use with Valcom handsfree page units for talkback paging
  • Use with Valcom IP endpoints
  • Multiple units may be connected for multi-zone paging with all call behind a PABX
  • Background music, stereo or mono input; music mutes during page
  • Volume controls for background music and tones
  • Security code option to restrict page access
  • Store & Play feedback eliminator option
  • Multiple disconnect options
  • Page verification tone
  • Customizable Page alert tone
  • Drive up to 150 one-way amplified speakers on 8 Ohm output (one-way output)
  • Web interface for programming extended functions
  • SIP expanded to 4 extensions, with Night Ring and Store & Play on all lines
  • 24 Volt DC Power supply included
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