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Valcom VIP-801A Networked Page Zone Extender

Valcom VIP-801A Networked Page Zone Extender

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  • Valcom networked page zone extender
  • Enables voice accessto a single zone of one-way paging over an IP-based LAN/WAN (this allows page zone extension anywhere on the network)
  • 1 Audio output
  • 1 Audioinput
  • 2 Programmable form C relay closures
  • RJ-45 for network connection
  • No server required
  • 1 to 11 Digit dial plans
  • Easy Windows based setup
  • AUX Audio input
  • Contactclosure available for: audio indication and door unlocking
  • Protocols DHCP, IGMP v3, UDP, TCP, HTTP, Telnet, FTP
  • Voice Algorithm: G.711 (64kbits/s)(ulaw) / echo suppression
  • Voltage: 24 Vdc @ 250 mA; IEEE 802.3af compatible, class 3 device; regulatory: FCC Part 15 Class A
  • Input: analog device interface (600 ohm input impedance, VOX and contact closure input)
  • Output: analog output interface (less than 50 ohms output impedance; frequency response: 200 Hz - 3400 Hz; relay closure available)
  • Does not include power supply (see VC-VIP-324)
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