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Wagan Tech

Wagan Tech 8586 Solar + LED Floodlight 1600

Wagan Tech 8586 Solar + LED Floodlight 1600

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Check out the Wagan Tech 8586 Solar + LED Floodlight 1600—a wireless, waterproof, and completely self-contained solar lighting solution. The sleek black ABS case hides the 40 LED chips producing 1,600 lumens of illumination while maintaining a waterproof (IP65) rating. The built-in 9.5 watt solar panel absorbs sunlight during the day keeping the light charged, while the internal 5,400 mAh Li-Ion battery can power the light for up to 3 full nights on a single charge. The multi-position mounting interface offers outstanding versatility, allowing the light to be mounted nearly anywhere. With all of these features, the Solar + LED Floodlight 1600 is the wireless LED flood light that you’ve been looking for!
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