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Wagan Tech

Wagan Tech 8590 Solar + LED Floodlight 2000 with Remote

Wagan Tech 8590 Solar + LED Floodlight 2000 with Remote

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The Wagan Tech Solar + LED Floodlight 2000 has a remote control and is completely self-sufficient with its self-contained design—just mount it to any hard surface (fence, pole, wall, tree) and turn on to provide light anywhere you need it. The solar floodlight has a 37 Wh Li-Ion battery and 6.5-volt solar panel. One of the most innovative features of the Solar + LED Floodlight 2000 is the remote control. Able to turn the light on/off, switch between high/low modes, and set the timer, the remote control allows you to adjust the settings without leaving the comfort of the indoors or having to climb a ladder! 60 LEDs provide 2,000 lumens of bright light and are mounted beneath a glass lens. Optimized for excellent light dispersion, the reflector provides a broad spread of light to illuminate wide areas. The battery is capable of providing 3 full nights of light on a single charge. The case is made out of tough polycarbonate that is waterproof (IP65) and built to withstand the elements. With a simple mounting bracket, the light is able to be mounted at the optimal angle of your choosing.
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