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Wagner HT3500 Heat Gun 0503040H

Wagner HT3500 Heat Gun 0503040H

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The HT3500 is the ideal heat gun for DIYers that will use their tool for multiple types of projects. The tool produces 1500 Watts and 5100 BTUs of power. The touch-pads activate 12 distinct temperature settings from 250 degrees F to 1350 degrees F enabling the user to match the correct temperature to the application. Additionally, the digital circuitry provides logic to the HT3500. When the cool setting is selected, the gun will cool itself to a preset temperature, and automatically turn itself off.

Ideal for removing multiple types of paint and flooring,loosening rusted bolts, thawing frozen pipes, and much more.

1500 watts/5100 BTU's
Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
Hanging eyelet
Touch-Pad control panel
Integrated back rest for upright, hands-off position

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