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Wagner HT4500 Heat Gun Tool Set 0503049

Wagner HT4500 Heat Gun Tool Set 0503049

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The HT4500 Heavy-Duty Heat Gun is perfect for the experienced DIY'er that knows how to get the most out of this power tool. The broad temperature range makes it ideal for projects that range from softening putty and caulk to stripping paint and thawing frozen pipes. The HT4500 has 55 temperature settings, 5 fan speeds, 4 nozzles and a 5-in-1 painter's tool to help accomplish any project that requires heat.

LCD display screen for easy visualization of selectable settings
55 temperature settings (120°F - 1200°F; 5100 BTU's) to accommodate a multitude of projects
5-speed fan to allow exact customization of desired results
Off, Cool Down, and On switch for quick start, and longer tool life
Upright position allows for hands-free work to control project materials
2 accessory nozzles to change airflow for specific projects
5-in-1 tool provides versatility for stripping paint/varnish, removing vinyl tiles, etc.
Accessory case keeps your heat gun and accessories organized and protected when not in use

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