Wera 05022669001 L-Key Set 3950 Spkl/9 SM Metric of Stainless Steel MULTI


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Wera Hex-Plus Metric L-Key Allen Wrench Set (9-Piece Set) Color Coded

High Quality L-Key Set Out Of Stainless Steel For Hexagon Socket Screws By Wera.
Laser Engraved.
Ball Tip For Swivel Applications.
Stainless Steel Prevents The Transfer Of Extraneous Rust.
The Hex-Plus Tip Delivers 20% More Torque.
The Notching Effect Is Therefore Reduced To A Minimum And Damage To The Screw Head More Or Less Eliminated.
Come With Hex Ballpoint On The Long Arm: The Ballpoint Drive Profile Means That It Is Possible To Swivel The Tool Axis Away From The Screwdriving Axis, Thus Enabling Round The Corner Screwdriving.
Take It Easy Tool Finder: Color Coding According To Size.
In An Almost Wear-Free L-Key Clip Fastener.

Hex Metric: 1.5 X 90Mm
Hex Metric: 2.0 X 101Mm
Hex Metric: 2.5 X 112Mm
Hex Metric: 3.0 X 123Mm
Hex Metric: 4.0 X 137Mm
Hex Metric: 5.0 X 154Mm
Hex Metric: 6.0 X 172Mm
Hex Metric: 8.0 X 195Mm
Hex Metric: 10.0 X 224Mm

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