Wera 05057460001 Kraftform Kompact 100 Heavy Duty Bit Set w/Driver (52pc Set)


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Wera Kraftform Kompakt 100 Heavy Duty Bit Set With Driver (52-Piece Set)

52-Piece; In Surface-Protecting, Compact Textile Box Which Is Extremely Robust
Low Volume And Weight For Simplified Mobility
Compact Tool Set With 52 Screwdriving Tools
With Take It Easy Tool Finder: Color Coding By Size

Robust Surface-Protecting, Compact, Textile Box
(1) Bitholder With Rapidaptor Technology For Rapid Bit Change
(30) Bitorsion Bits In A Length Of 1 (25Mm) For Long Service Life
(12) Impaktor (Extra Hard) Bits In A Length Of 2 (50Mm) For Particularly Demanding Jobs
(8) L-Keys With Hex-Plus Profile (Prevents The Rounding Of Hexagon Socket Screws)
Bitholding Screwdriver With Rapidaptor Quick-Release Chuck
Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder

Chrome Plated Metric L-Keys: 1.550 Mm, 256 Mm, 2.563 Mm, 371 Mm, 480 Mm, 590 Mm, 6100 Mm, 8112 Mm

1 Bitorsion Bits: High Quality Bits With Torsion Zone Where Kinetic Energy Is Diverted From Peak Loads And Softer Bitorsion Zone To Prevent The Bit Tip From Twisting Under Peak Loads. This Greatly Extends The Product Service Life.

Phillips Bit: 2 X Ph 1, 4 X Ph 2, 2 X Ph 3
Pozidriv Bit: 2 X Pz 1, 4 X Pz 2, 2 X Pz 3
Torx Bit: 2 X Tx10, 2 X Tx15, 3 X Tx20, 2 X Tx25, 2 X Tx30, 1 X Tx40
Slot Bit: 2 X 5.5Mm

2 Impaktor Bits: The Impaktor Technology Offers An Above-Average Service Life Even Under Extreme Circumstances. Enhanced Friction Resistance, Thanks To The Rough Diamond-Particle Coating On The Bit Tip, Prevents Any Slipping Out Of The Screw Head.

Phillips Bit: 2 X Ph 2, 1 X Ph 3
Pozidriv Bit: 2 X Pz 2, 1 X Pz 3
Torx Bit: 2 X Tx25, 2 X Tx30, 3 X Tx40
Hex-Plus: 4Mm, 5Mm, 6Mm

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