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XS Sights GL0011S5YDXT2 Big Dot Yellow

XS Sights GL0011S5YDXT2 Big Dot Yellow

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Dxt2 Big Dot Yellow Glock 42, 43, 43X, &Amp; 48

Big Dot Remains Visible Under Stress When Focus Is Drawn Downrange. Outside Diameter 0.188
Yellow Front Sight High-Contrast Color Designed For Maximum Visibility In Bright To Low Light
Glow Dot Convex Photoluminescent Dot Absorbs Light And Glows In Low Light Levels
Tritium Powered Front &Amp; Rear Sight Glows In Low Light To Aid In Sight Alignment
V-Notch Rear Low-Profile V Provides Greater Visibility Of Objects Downrange Of Front Sight
Rear Sight White Outline Aids In Rear Sight Identification For Proper Sight Alignment
Rear Sight Ledge Aids In One-Handed Slide Manipulations
Fits In Common Holsters
Dot-The-I Sight Picture Straight Line Sight Picture With Differentiated Front And Rear Sight Prevents Shooters From Confusing The Front And Rear Sight

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